Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hip & Back Pain: The Hidden Root (Revealed)

Our featured muscle this week is the psoas….with silent P, pronounced so-az.

The psoas is a powerful hip flexor that is attached to the leg and the back.  It pulls on the lower back and is often misdiagnosed as back pain. Unfortunately treating back pain alone will not help when the issue is with the psoas.

When the psoas becomes stiff and tight it shows up as hip or low back pain. The stiffness and tightness comes from sitting too much, as well as from sports with repetitive movements such as cycling, running or other activities that cause pelvic misalignment.

Both Active Release Technique and Cold Laser Therapy are very effective in working on the Psoas.

I recommend this simple stretch for tight hips everyday:

Chappy J Wood, D.C.
Marin Spine & Wellness Center

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