Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chappy Wood, D.C helps Olympic Hopefuls, Shelley Evans and Kristin McGrath, improve performance with cold laser treatments.

As elite athletes, we are always looking for ways to enhance performance and minimize the risk of injury. With Dr. Wood's help, I have found a new tool to use in my training, which I believe will lead to longevity and success in the sport of cycling." ~Shelley Evans, US National Cycling Champion

Our congratulations to Shelley Evans, recent champion of the Tour of New Zealand! Shelley has also worked with me over the years to stay strong and healthy, which has translated into her outstanding performance and continued success!

Pro-cyclist and 2012 Olympic hopeful,
Kristin McGrath is an excellent example of how having an amazing attitude helps you heal much faster.

On a training ride in early December, Kristin was thrown 30 feet in the air after being hit by a truck breaking her femur and a rib, and losing a lot of blood. Read more about her accident & recovery here
Less than 3 months later, Kristin is back in training with her team, The Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12 riders. Kristin and other teammates come to Marin Spine & Wellness Center to stay in great shape as they train for the 2012 Olympics. Cold Laser Therapy is used to help Kristin recover from her injuries so she get focus on her training.

“Through this whole experience I have learned that when bad things happen, it truly is your choice to allow a situation to remain a lemon or to make lemonade.”
Kristin said.

It is an attitude like this combined with her winning spirit that allows our work to be successful and Kristin’s body to heal itself with the help of modern technology.

Chappy J Wood, D.C.
Marin Spine & Wellness Center

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